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Your skin tells the other person more than you might think. It's a lot of pride to show where you come from. The more proud you can be about who you are and the body you have, the more confident you can be about who you are as a person.

Welcome to the busy society. We are getting older(s), wiser and busier. The feeling of your fresh look seems to have faded into the background. Everyone's own personal situation is an understandable story. You are concerned with what you consider responsible in daily life for or by someone else. When dealing with the path of life, women encounter many of the following challenges:

  • Playing up hormones
  • Menstrual periods
  • Use of contraception
  • Pregnancy periods
  • Tension and the stress
  • diets

Your health is worth gold

Sweet caring mother, best busy career woman and all ladies who want to shine with pride as soon as possible. Beautiful well-groomed skin that brings you back to your carefree youth is a nice pursuit, right? Over the years, the techniques for giving your skin the right care it deserves have been developed so far in recent years that professional results are within your reach.

The right approach with the right resources

The temptation to remove blackheads and pimples with your fingers is great, but unfortunately does nothing to improve your skin and is also harmful. If you do tackle the imperfections with your hands, you will quickly transfer bacteria to the affected spots, making the skin red and irritated and eventually even scarring.

What can Aurelia do for you?

The Aurelia is a vacuum facial cleansing device that you can work with and have clean skin as fresh as can be. Thanks to our delivery partner, you can choose a treatment technique where you can perform dermatological work when it suits you and at the location you want.

- Ergonomic gold label design - A compact, comfortable and fun design

The BlackHead Remover has a fresh and comfortable grip to get started with the dermatological complete solution. The system is constructed in such a way that all buttons are in the most accessible places. This in combination with the positioning of the display as the connectors to charge it.

- 4 different suction settings - Just the right suction power for every skin treatment

The pore cleanser has 4 suction settings and comes with different attachments. This way you put together a treatment that perfectly suits your skin and is completely tailored to your specific skin problems.

- 6 unique cleaning attachments – A different approach for every type of skin


  • Make-up residue and excess skin oils
  • Removes subcutaneous pimples and clogged hair follicles
  • Hard lines and folds in the skin

Work towards the result to love

-Clean 3 times a week

Don't give bacteria a chance to cause skin irritations and prevent accumulations of dirt residues that are removed before they can lead to skin problems.

So you not only remove the blackheads that are bothering you now, but you also prevent the return of these unwanted visitors.

-Brings solution to your skin and then vice versa

In addition, you exfoliate the skin when using the vacuum cleaner, so that the skin care you apply after the treatment is absorbed twice as well by the skin.

- Step-by-step plan for radiant skin (not that difficult, but handy to report):

-Open the pores by briefly steaming your face with a steamer or warm cloth.

-Turn the mounting head clockwise and remove the plug.

-Place the round cotton filter on the mounting head.

-Choose the desired attachment and initially select the lowest suction power.

- Move the device evenly over the skin.

-Prevent redness by not holding the device in the same spot for more than 2 seconds.

-Rinse the face with cold water and finish the treatment with your care routine.

Package Contents:

  • 6 interchangeable attachment heads with matching rings
  • Cleaning sponges
  • Pink scrub brush
  • Beauty Makeup Tool
  • Pink Scrub Brush

Do you agree that you should leave behind what irritates you about your skin? Say goodbye to all those problems and make time to work on your health and the pride that comes with it. Add it to your shopping cart today.