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Do you suffer from the following skin problems?

•Dry skin

•Dark areas

•Oiled skin

•Skin allergies

You can solve stress through relaxation and cleansing.

It is important to regularly cleanse the skin on your face. Not only is this good for boosting circulation, but it also helps to deal with stress factors.

Solve it yourself, wherever and whenever it suits you!

With a facial sauna you don't have to go to the beauty salon anymore because the technology makes it possible to start at any time when it suits you and wherever you want to start cleaning.

ViveFly Healthcare's Face Steamer has five features you should believe in:

1. Safe and reliable : Built-in heat regulator to safely shut down the system when the water has dried.

2. Simple use : You just put the solution on and off and the rest happens automatically.

3. Built-in water tank: 165 ML enough to clean your face for 8 minutes

4. High quality attachment that can make the hot steam water go deep into your pores

5. Portable form factor so that cleaning and relaxing is always convenient for you.

We will complete a solution for you

Temporarily included: 1x Measuring cup, 1x Mini facial brush